kitty cat

This page is a work in progress!

I'm so happy you're here! This page will be a little barebones for a while as I slowly tackle the daunting cave structure that is HTML but rest assured, I will get there. For now, please enjoy lists and links. More text to come soon!

Interests to be featured:

  1. Robert Liston newsletter!
  2. Books I've been reading!
  3. Info about caves/cave diving
  4. Victorian medicine
  5. Lots more, since my brain can hold so many things

Features to add to the website (to keep myself accountable):

  1. Separate page for Robert Liston newsletter
  2. Link my Storygraph here (and figure out how to get it to show an updated screen of my currently reading books)
  4. Forever page where I tell you my favorite books of all time
  5. Endless labyrinth that will never let you go
  6. Pages where I can compile all my favorite videos/books/media about certain topics (surgery, caves, my favorite poems, cemeteries, etc.)
  7. Pages where I can recommend YOU books! Based on the books I've read :~)
  8. My trove of audio treasures
  9. Bumper sticker emporium